The organs of the SAPhS are:

  • The General Assembly:
    consisting of delegates and collective members, supporting members, honorary members, and fellows. It is the highest body of the Academy.
  • The Senate:
    consisting of ordinary and associated professors of pharmaceutical sciences, engaged at Swiss universities in education and research, honorary members and fellows, one delegate of each national professional organization and association, the president and the two vice-presidents of the SAPhS.
  • The Senate's Board:
    consisting of the president, two vice-presidents, secretary general, reporter, cashier and assessors.
  • Commissions.
  • Supervisory Commission.                                                                                              


President: Prof. Dr. Gerrit Borchard, University of Geneva

Vice-President "Science": Prof. Dr. Ursula von Mandach

Vice-President "Finances", deputy secretary general : Dr. Christine Moll, Topnova GmbH Münchenstein


Secretary General: Prof. em. Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen, Bern

Secetary, protocol: Dr. Benoîte Kaeser, Basel

Assessor, representative of ETHZ: Prof. Dr. Roger Schibli, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. ETH Zurich

Assessor, representative of University of Basel: Prof. Dr. Jörg Huwyler, Pharmazentrum Universität Basel

Assessor, representative of Universites FHNW, ZHAW: Prof. Dr. Georg Imanidis, FHNW Muttenz

Assessor, representative of Universities FHNW, organizer pharmaLunches: Prof. Dr. Oliver Germershaus, FHNW Muttenz

Assessor, organizer pharmaLunches: Philippe Tschopp, TTC Glatt D-Binzen

Assessor, representative of pharmaSuisse: Fabian Vaucher, president pharmaSuisse
Substitute: Dr. Stephanie Vollenweider, pharmaSuisse

Assessor, president of asep: Horia Hashimi, University of Geneva;

Assessor, representative of swiss Young Pharmacists Group: Andreas Schittny, University of Basel

Assessor, representative of GSASA: Prof. Dr. Christoph R. Meier, Univ. Hospital & Univ. Basel

Assessor, Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler, Lonza AG Basel

Assessor, representative GSIA: Stephan Schmitt-Koopmann, sk pharma consulting