PharmaLunch June 2019

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Speaker: Gabriele Gut, PhD; Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich
Topic: «Towards patient tailored therapies with systems medicine approaches (oncology medicine)»


Dr Colette Andree, Universität Basel / Migraine Action
Dr Benoite Kaeser, SAPhW
Dr Alan Chalmers, Pharma International
Dr Beatrix Oppenberg, SAPhW
Dr Bebeka Gjoksi-Cosandey, Novartis
Dr Beatrice-Helena ARIANO, Life Science Forum Basel (LSFB)
Mrs Céline Stäuble, Universität Basel
Mr Stephan Gut, Universitätsspital Basel/Universität Basel
Dr Carole Kaufmann, Universitätsspital Basel
Dr Dieter Scherer, Lonza

The pharmaLunch usually takes place on the last Friday of the months in the Restaurant Safran-Zunft, Gerbergasse 11, 4001 Basel. The event offers a platform to interested people from the pharma sector allowing an informal get-together and professional information exchange. The short presentation about a pharmaceutical topic, which is given by an invited speaker, starts at 12.15 h. Then follows the lunch (on one's own). However, participation in the presentation is also possible without lunch, please note when registering. SAPhS membership is not required, however, an organizational fee of 20 CHF is charged to non-members. Therefore, we recommend to apply online for SAPhS membership or via