Bisherige Veranstaltungen

Freitag 29. September 2017

Dr. Norbert Ettner, Lonza: "Personalisierte Medizin: Chancen und Risiken für die Herstellung von biologischen Arzneimitteln / Personalised Medicine: Chances and risks in production of biological drug products"

Donnerstag 28. September 2017

Date, location: 28. September 2017, Unternehmen Mitte, Gerbergasse 30, 4001 Basel Program: 2nd_pharmapero_2017-09-28.pdf Due to limited room capacity the registration has been closed

Dienstag 22. August 2017

Conference Booklet with lecture and poster abstracts: sphsd_2017_conf_book_final.pdf PDF of lectures for free download: meier.pdf, wang.pdf, bazile.pdf, fellmann.pdf Conference report: sphsd_2017_conference_report.pdf Conference report pharmaJournal (D, F): sphsd_2017_conference_report_pharmajournal_de.pdf, sphsd_2017_conference_report_pharmajournal_fr.pdf Fotos: Foto Gallery

Freitag 28. April 2017

Frieder Mayer, Head of Logistic Services Glatt GmbH: "Challenges in Clinical Supplies Management"

Donnerstag 20. April 2017 bis Samstag 22. April 2017

Place and date: Universität Innsbruck, 20. – 22. April 2017
2nd Announcement: second_announcement.pdf

Dienstag 18. April 2017

Datum, Zeit, Ort: Dienstag 18. April 2017, 16.00 bis 18 Uhr, Haus der Universität Bern, Schlösslistrasse 5, 3008 Bern  Einladung und Traktanden: gv_2017_einladungtrakt.pdf

Dienstag 18. April 2017

Haus der Universität Bern, 18. April 2017, 12.30 - 15.45 Programm: follow_up_meeting_program_final.pdf PDFs aller Vorträge:
- Prof. Chin-Bin Eap, Unil/CHUV: "Pharmacogenetics in the public pharmacy?" eap_pharmacogenetics.pdf
- Dr. Irmgard Schmitt-Koopmann, pharmaSuisse: "The job profile of the public pharmacist" schmitt-koopmann_public_pharmacist.pdf
- Prof. Stefan Mühlebach, SAPhW: "The job profile of the hospital and the clinical pharmacist" muehlebach_hospital_pharmacist.pdf
- Frédéric Zwahlen, Vifor Pharma: "The job profile of the industrial pharmacist" zwahlen_industrial_pharmacist.pdf
- Prof. Jörg Huwyler, UniBS: "Education program UniBS" huwyler_unibs.pdf
- Prof. Serge Rudaz, UniGE: "Education program EPGL UniGE" rudaz_unige.pdf
- Prof. Bruno Gander, ETHZ: "Education program ETHZ" gander_ethz.pdf
- Prof. Georg Imanidis, Life Sciences FHNW: "Education program FHNW" imanidis_fhnw.pdf
- PD Verena Schröder, UniBE: "Full curriculum UniBE" schroeder_unibe.pdf  

Samstag 08. April 2017

Für Details, Programm, Anmeldung siehe  

Freitag 27. Januar 2017

Wiebke Kirchmeyer, School of Life Sciences – FHNW, Institute of Pharma Technology: "Excipient effects on solid state and solubility of APIs"

Freitag 25. November 2016

Michael Black «galenIQ™ - The functional filler-binder that enables medicine to taste better»
- Why galenIQ™ is the solution for you
- Sensory properties of galenIQ™
-  What is galenIQ™ and how can you use it? Sprache: Englisch PDF Download: pharma_lunch_galeniq_nov2016_mbk.pdf

Donnerstag 17. November 2016

9. Jahrestagung der SAPP Datum: 17. November 2016 Ort: UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Hörsaal NORD1, Etage D, Frauenklinikstrasse 10, 8091 Zürich Thema: „Allergische Erkrankungen in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit“ Detailprogramm: sapp-tagung_2016_programm.pdf Anmeldung: mittels Anmeldetalon im Programm, online via oder Credits: FPH Offizin, FPH Spital  inkl. klinische Pharmazie, SGGG, SGKPT, SGP

Freitag 28. Oktober 2016

Claudia Mattern, Dr. rer. nat., Adj. Prof.; Leiterin M et P Pharma AG Emmetten. "Innovation in Drug Delivery – A Novel Single Dose Nasal Applicator”. In English. Abstract: pharmalunch_oct_2016_mattern.pdf  

Freitag 30. September 2016

Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. Kurt-­‐Wilhelm Stahl, Waisenmedizin (WM e.V.), D-Freiburg "LeiProtect®, a co-­‐development of physicians and pharmacists to treat Cutaneous Leishmanias of the Old World economizing antimony chemotherapy" CV of the speaker: pharmalunch_0916_stahl_cv.pdf

Donnerstag 29. September 2016

Thursday September 29, 2016, 18:30 h Rest. "Unternehmen Mitte", Gerbergasse 30, 4001 Basel Program: pharmapero_2016-09-29.pdf The number of participants is limited to 60. Registration closed!